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Blue Raspberry Soda

Shock your mouth back to life with the flavor that has a near-universal approval rating. The crisp, powerful berry flavor is always sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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A splash of sweet and fruity peach with a sour twist that will leave your tastebuds puckered and feeling peachy keen!

Peach Soda


Black Cherry Soda

Everyone knows black cherry is the superior cherry flavor, and when that first sip hits your tastebuds it’ll feel like the first day of summer vacation all over again. 

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Green Apple Soda

Give your mouth what it wants with the amazingly crisp, fresh and tantalizing flavor of green apple that will give your day the jolt it needs.

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Watermelon Soda

This watermelon will kickstart your tastebuds, raise your eyebrows, and have you absolutely buzzing with its juicy and invigorating sourness and flavor combo.

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Lemon Soda

The sour sensation will make the hair on your arms stand up, but the refreshing, zesty, fruity flavor will awaken the palate and have your tastebuds demanding more.

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Grape Soda


The Grapest thing we have ever done.

This unique Warheads take on the classic soda flavor is packed with refreshingly sweet Grapeness and a sour twist of tastebud bliss!

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